Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Day Last

Today Tina and I went to the Tower of London, and it was pretty fantastic to say the least. We were there from 11 am to 4 pm, and took about an hour or so for lunch in the Tower Cafe. After that we went to the hostel and sat around for a bit until we met Juliet and Jeremy before we took the train to Leicester Square (Lester) to see Avenue Q, a musical with puppets. Before the show we stopped by a McDonald's and it tasted just like home except my burger had probably been sitting there awhile. It was kind of amazing. No hamburger in this country seems to taste the same. The show itself was really awesome, and we all laughed and had a great time. The final group that went was me, Tina, Lacee, Juliet and Jeremy. It was lots of fun. After we got back to the hostel after the show we went to the Food & Wine store to buy some drinks, to celebrate our last night in London. All the pubs/clubs close at midnight or before during the week, so we had to drink in the breakfast room of the hostel instead of being able to go out. But that was fine with me. We played cards and met some folks from Mexico who were travelling all across Europe, and that was fun. I'm still a little tipsy so i'm going to keep this short since I have an early morning tomorrow. Also, it rained a bit on our way back from the grocery store, and it was the first time it had rained since we've been here on our journey. I'm excited to be back in the states tomorrow, even though I really don't want to leave. We were going to go back to the British Museum and Library (two seperate venues) but we just didn't have time. I do plan to return soon, so I will have to hit those up again next time. Tomorrow we will be out of the hostel by 9 am, and on our way to the Heathrow Airport. I'll be back in KC around 7 pm. Love you all and see you then. :)

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  1. avenue Q. seems pretty fun was it with british accent?-- pac