Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Friday, I'm in Love

with Alex!

Today has been pretty cool so far. i got up at a much more reasonable time than 5 am, so i felt more energized over the course of the day. The first thing we did was walk around the British Museum and check out the Grecian exhibit, the Egyptian exhibit, and i even got some good pics of the Rosetta Stone! So after that, Tina and I went down to Green Park (directly north of Buckingham Palace). We photographed some elephant sculptures for the Elephant Parade (to save the Asian elephants) before catching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

Afterwards we went to lunch at a little Italian place across the street where we had some awesome chicken & spaghetti and some Italian ice cream afterwards. It was very tasty, and well priced. Afterwards, we roamed around until it was time for Macbeth at the Globe. I had yard seats, which means i stood the whole time, which wasn't so bad. I ended up with a spot in the very front and center of the stage, which was AWESOME, despite being spit on, sprayed with fake blood and spit on from the enthusiastic actors.

Afterwards we had an adventure (which I will write more about later). Now we are headed out to buy some drinks for before we go to a concert later (since drinks at the venue will be really expensive). I'll update either later tonight or tomorrow.


  1. it sounds like Shakespeare was sweet, i knew you were looking forward to it --pac

  2. :) it was awesome! i got some really sweet photos that they told me to delete but i said screw that! lol. its was a blast. except the standing. :)