Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thursday Morning

I woke up today at about 515 am, which shocked me pretty good. But I just couldn't stay in bed any longer. Plus the sun rises earlier here than in KS (i don't know why i thought it wouldn't). The hostel is pretty okay, for what it is. Our room has four pairs of bunk beds (8 beds total) in it, and only one electrical outlet. Sharing this recharging space could prove very difficult. I am using the hostel's computer because I can't get my laptop to stay plugged in long enough to take a charge at all, so I think i'm retiring it to my suitcase from here on out. The internet cards at the hostel only cost one pound for 40 minutes, so that's no big deal at all. I'm trying not to spend too much time on the computer and I don't think I'll have much problem with that.

Today's agenda includes a double-decker bus tour, but a lot of us are worried about the money situation. It costs £25, which equates to about 50 US dollars. So we may not do that today since its pretty pricy. Breakfast isn't until 8 am (its about 6 am now) so i have a couple more hours to wait for that.

Tonight I'm taking a trip on the London Eye, which is a big ferris wheel type thing that has large compartments made of plexiglass? for optimum viewing of the city from above. This is something I've already purchased tickets for online, so I'll definitely be going to this tonight at around 8 pm (london time).

As for the time change, I don't know that I'll ever get used to it. It's going to be very tough to get adjusted again on the return trip. I hope I catch a little more sleep on the plane back than i did on the plane to get here.

In any case, its been fun thus far, so I'm expecting that it will continue to be fun as we go through our days here. Tomorrow we are scheduled to see Macbeth at Shakespeare's Globe Theater (which I thought was sold out but wasn't). The Globe is right on the Thames, directly opposite of St. Paul's which is on the other side of the river.


  1. The Eye is a great chance to take pictures of Parliament and Big Ben as well as the Thames in general. I'm so jealous you get to see MacBeth! Have fun, lovely lady (and all the other Londonaires!!!) - Grace

  2. it all seems to be great have lots of fun. thinking of you. --pac