Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday = Relax

The electro show/concert last night was a great time, I got a good workout from dancing around like a crazy person. I went with Abbi, Lacee, Tina, Jen, John & Chris. Some guy spilled beer all down my back and gave me a very awkward hug, which i got out of fast. Some other guys tried to dance with Tina, John was asked if he was gay, Chris was offered drugs which he denied, and all of us left the club with our ears ringing. A man outside offered to help us get a taxi back to our hostel (he was dressed officially, like a traffic cop or something) but the taxi was 15 pounds from Elephant & Castle to Holborn, where we are staying. We didn't have enough so we went around the corner to the bus stop and caught the 188 to Holborn. We went to bed pretty quick last night and slept pretty hard.

This morning we were planning to go to the Tower of London at ten am, but that didn't happen for me and Tina because we didn't want to get up. We were just sooo tired! So we're getting ready now with some others from our room, and we're going to get lunch at a place around the corner where they serve really delicious crepes. After that we're going to go to Tate Modern, an art gallery on the Thames River. I plan to take pics of everything I can. This afternoon the plan is to go to Hyde park and chill on a blanket, and maybe eat some ben & jerry's ice cream (I found a local shop that sells it). I think it will be a pretty chill day.

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