Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Eve

So I ended up taking the Big Bus Tour, which was an awesome decision and well worth the money. I really do have a better idea of where things are since i've taken the tour. We started around 930 this morning and my camera battery died around noon, so from noon to four i couldn't take pictures at all, which was a super bummer. i finally made it back to the hostel just after four, but i couldn't get my camera battery to charge in time for my trip to the London Eye, so i took pics on Christina T's camera instead. On the way to they Eye, i forgot my Oyster Card (train & bus pass) in the hostel, but i didn't know that until after i got to the station with everyone. so i ran back the five blocks or so to the hostel from the station to get my card and i ran back to the station after i picked it up. THAT was an adventure for sure because my legs really didn't want to do the work i was asking of them. After the London Eye was over the seven of us (some didn't go with) went to dinner at a place called Giraffe. yes, as in the animal. it was a pretty cool place with lots of colors and a great atmosphere but the service wasn't exceptionally awesome. the food itself was great. i had a quesadilla with bbq chicken and black bean chili and cheese on the inside, with a very interesting dip. the soda here is very different, but tasty.

at lunch, i had a huge cookie (chocolate chip, of course) from this little place by buckingham palace. i took a picture just for you alex. :) i don't know when i'll be able to upload my photos to facebook, but i have yet to fill the first memory card, so that seems to be going well.

otherwise its been a really long day, but a good one. tomorrow, a brief tour of the british museum, a trip back to the palace and hyde park, and macbeth in the afternoon. in the evening, a live music show on south bank. whew!!


  1. pictures of cookies are enough of a souvenir for me --pac

  2. Always glad to see you taking pictures...that way we know the camara isn't sleeping with the fishes...or the oysters.--J

  3. PIX? you FANS request pictures posted?!!!
    ~ your other mother.